Inspiring Partner Stories

From coast to coast, witness outstanding examples of our partners in action. Explore our collection of enlightening videos featuring profiled partner doctors as they share transformative experiences. Gain firsthand insights into how becoming a part of Specialty1 Partners has positively influenced not only their practices but also their personal lives.


"I Wanted to Be Apart of the Growth and Potential of Specialty1 Partners"

Dr. Reza Hamid from Endo Care initially was an Associate but chose to become a Partner with Specialty1. He notes that his daily routine remains unchanged and values Specialty1’s hands-off approach. Additionally, he acknowledges that the business side of Endo Care has significantly benefited from the partnership with Specialty1.


"We Are All Specialty Strong"

Dr. Joanne Jensen of Endodontic Artistry shares how partnering with Specialty1 has enhanced her practice since becoming a Partner.


"The Best of Both Worlds"

Dr. Marites Milan of EndoCare, initially an associate, later transitioned to a partner. She highlights the unique and positive aspects of her collaboration with Specialty1, emphasizing the contrast with her previous encounters with DSOs.


"I Feel A Little More Mental Freedom"

Dr. Nader Vafaie of EndoArt discusses his partnership with Specialty1 and the positive impact it has had on his practice. He highlights how this collaboration has enabled his practice to maintain its operational integrity and clinical focus, essentially allowing it to continue running seamlessly even after the partnership. Dr. Vafaie emphasizes that Specialty1 is a hands-off partner, which means we do not interfere with the clinical aspects of his practice. This freedom from external interference has allowed him to feel more liberated as a practitioner, enabling him to provide the best possible care to his patients.


"We Had The Same Vision"

Dr. Murat Ayik from Woodhill Endodontics discusses the unique collaboration at Specialty1 Partners, where Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, and Endodontists unite to cultivate an unprecedented venture in the dental field. He explains that by being able to concentrate exclusively on patient care, your overall happiness will increase.


"None of the Things I Love About My Practice Would Change"

Dr. Michelle Olsen of Peninsula Endodontics shares her positive experience partnering with Specialty1 Partners.

Dr. Olsen expresses her deep affection for her practice, emphasizing the aspects that make it special to her. She appreciates the genuine connection she has with her patients and the quality of care she and her team provide. Dr. Olsen values the personal touch and professional expertise that define Peninsula Endodontics, making it clear that these fundamental elements remain unchanged.


"A Load Has Been Lifted Off My Shoulders"

Dr. Ali Rezai of EndoCare describes his experience since he became a Partner with Specialty1. Watch and hear first hand how his practice has benefited from the partnership.


"A Team of Doctors, Led By Doctors"

Dr. Julia Javarone of Rogue River Endodontics, shares her incredible journey of partnering with Specialty1 Partners and how it has transformed her practice for the better. With this partnership, she now has more time to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional patient care and ensuring every smile leaves her office healthier and happier.


"We Knew That With Specialty1, We Are Like Minded Individuals"

Dr. Rosemary Wu of Capitol Periodontal Group explains how their partnership with Specialty1 has enabled them to devote more energy into patient care by reducing other demands of their attention.


"It Has Given Us The Freedom To Practice"

Dr. Michael Caruso of Westchester Implant & Oral Surgery speaks about how it is a collaboration with Specialty1 and that being led by specialists truly separates Specialty1 from others.


Efficient Care Over Production

Dr. Chet Mehta of Orange County Endodontics describes how Specialty1 truly listened to his needs and really allowed him to focus more on patient care.


"I've Always Wanted Colleagues To Turn To, Now I Have That"

Dr. Roshawn Ahani of Bayside Endodontics reflects on his transition to Specialty1 Partners, emphasizing the increased time he now dedicates to clinical care. The accessibility of the Co-founders, who are readily available to address his queries anytime, and how he can now reach out to fellow partners to discuss all things oral health.


"When I Go Home, I Don't Have To Worry About The Office Stuff Anymore"

Dr. Andrew Kim from North Penn Endodontics reflects on the positive impact of joining Specialty1 Partners, highlighting how it has allowed him to relinquish the burdens of managing the business aspects of his practice. Now, he can dedicate his full attention to providing patient care.


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