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You’ll join a successful, rapidly growing group of specialty doctors and practices committed to serving patients while benefiting from a doctor-founded, doctor-led support team focused specifically on supporting specialists like you.


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Here are a few ways that Specialty1 Partners clears your path to success and satisfaction.

  • Explore opportunities that align with your interests – beachfront or mountains, city or small town – our network spans a wide array of career development paths and sizes.
  • Start off with the ability to focus your time and energy in further developing your clinical expertise through patient care rather than managing the administrative tasks of starting or joining an independent practice.
  • Experience the satisfaction of caring for patients within a practice that truly has clinical autonomy in how and when they are treated.
  • Join a network of renowned specialists, all hyper-focused on high quality patient care and clinical outcomes through world-class services with cutting-edge technology.


AAE’s annual Resident-only event, APICES, was in Phoenix this year.  Specialty1 Partners was thrilled to host an event to recognize and get to know over 165 Residents from across the U.S.  As a doctor-founded, doctor-led partnership of respected, well-known specialists, we are eager to connect with the next generation of specialists to join us in keeping the industry specialty strong.



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