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As an innovative periodontist, you deserve to have control over the growth of your practice and peace of mind knowing that you have a robust support system behind you. By partnering with Specialty1, we give you just that – control and support, allowing your periodontal practice to prosper. Joining our organization puts the success you’ve been striving for within reach.


Core Elements of Our Support for Periodontal Practices

  • Clinical Autonomy: Our passion is to enable you to create the absolute best patient experience, satisfying the expectations of your referring dentists, and practicing within the highest standards of clinical quality while ensuring you continue to practice as you’ve been trained and are accustomed to do.
  • Back-Office Support: Our processes, tools and systems were developed based on our direct experience managing dental surgical specialty practices and we continue to optimize as we grow and learn from supporting a rapidly growing portfolio of periodontal practices.
  • Practice Growth: We’re committed to aligning with our periodontal Partners to define and implement a practice growth plan – whether that entails driving revenue growth with improved profitability, recruiting new doctors, expanding your office, opening a new office or focusing on other aspects of your vision for your practice.
  • Path to Financial Security: We developed our business model with you in mind and, as a result, created an opportunity for our periodontal Partners to share in the financial upside of the company.
  • More Ability to Do What You Want: Our Partners have shared with us that one of the most valuable, and often unexpected, benefits of joining Specialty1 Partners is their ability to have more energy and time to focus on their patients, professional growth and personal interests.

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