We are excited to announce Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry of Lehigh Valley Oral Surgery & Implant Center as a new Partner within Specialty1 Partners. Dr. Chaudhry joins us as a highly accomplished oral surgeon, having started and successfully grown this practice to serve patients in two locations in the suburban Pennsylvania area.   

In addition to Dr. Chaudhry, the practice also has two highly trained oral & maxillofacial surgeons: Dr. Jean Kim and Dr. Maryam Farag. 

Dr. Chaudhry’s passion for dentistry extends beyond his practice as he actively volunteers his time in support of organizations, such as Humanity First USA, a non-profit organization working to help with disaster relief and humanitarian work around the world. 

This practice’s clinical expertise and passion for patient care are well aligned with Specialty1 Partners’ mission to bring together and serve the best dental specialists in the industry. 



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