Endo1 Partners Introduces New Parent Company, Specialty1 Partners

HOUSTON—Endo1 Partners recently announced that the company will evolve from a single specialty group into a family of brands that offers business and operational support services to partners across the three dental surgical specialties. Specialty1 Partners will act as the new parent organization for Endo1 Partners, along with recently launched subsidiaries OS1 Partners and Perio1 Partners.

“We’re thrilled to be the first and only partnership group to offer a full suite of services to the three different dental surgical specialties. We’re also proud to be the only group that is both doctor-controlled and doctor-led within the specialty space,” said Dr. Daryl Dudum, co-founder and co-chief executive officer, Specialty1 Partners. “We are making ourselves not just a bigger but better organization with the introduction of Specialty1 Partners, which will enable us to continue welcoming new partners and offer even more resources and services to existing partners.”

During its first two years in operation, Endo1 Partners added more than 130 specialists from approximately 90 practices to its emerging nationwide network. This growth inspired Drs. Daryl Dudum, Matthew Haddad, Mark Haddad and Darron Rishwain to expand their business model to help a variety of specialists.

“We first explored the affiliation model within our specialty of endodontics, and after finding there was also a gap in service for oral surgeons and periodontists, we decided to expand our service support offering to these specialties,” said Matthew Haddad, co-founder and co-chief executive officer, Specialty1 Partners. “I believe the unique formation of our company, combined with our exclusive knowledge of specialists’ needs, are the reasons for the massive interest we’ve received so far.”

For more information, visit specialty1partners.com.


About Specialty1 Partners
Specialty1 Partners dba for Endo1 Partners Holdings, LLC (the parent company for Endo1 Partners, LLC, Endo1 Partner – California, LLC, OS1 Partners, LLC and Perio1, LLC) provides comprehensive business and operational support services to its endodontic, oral surgery, and periodontic practices. The company partners with best-in-class dental surgical specialists nationally and supports them, so they can spend more time providing high-quality dental care to their patients. For more information, visit www.Specialty1Partners.com.

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This article originally appeared on dentaltown.com. Permission to reprint has been granted.


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